The Edits Are In!

This week I received my editor’s notes on Accounting for it All, which has given me an opportunity to immerse myself in the story for the first time in months. Armed with my editor’s perspective, I’ve been tearing into the pages on a tight deadline to make sure the book stays on schedule for its release on November 19th.

With all of the editing going on, I thought I’d share some of the interesting observations made by both my editor and me as I’ve pored over her notes!

Fun notes and observations

  • The word “that” appeared nearly 1,300 times in the draft my editor read. For a novel this size, that number should be closer to 400-500 uses, so I’ll be spending a lot of time “that hunting” before my editing deadline is up!
  • One of my aims in writing this book was to ensure every character had a voice of their own, and I may have overdone it with the linguistic tics. For example, “I mean” is used as a qualifier in dialogue a total of 83 times… so I’ll definitely be paring back uses of that as well.
  • Speaking of voice, one of the challenges I’ve faced is striking a balance between what’s grammatically correct and what would be “in voice” for characters that tend toward the ungrammatical. I want to make sure the prose is readable, but also authentic to the perspective and background of Robin, the porn-star-turned-accountant who tells the tale.
  • I have suddenly become very passionate about the formatting of ellipses. I won’t go into details (boring for most, I’m sure), but I suspect my passion will ultimately be tempered; ellipsis formatting is probably not the hill I should die on.

Our goal is to have at least two rounds of edits wrapped up by the end of September, at which point the manuscript will be off to a copy editor before the text is formatted for ebook and print.

It’s all happening. We’re now only 60 days to release…

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