Why the adult industry?

This Thursday, we’re exploring a question many have about those who choose to work in pornography: why?

Sadly, the all-too-common stereotype about those in sex work of any kind is that they’re doing so because they have no other choice. Those on the outside will imagine the destitute, drug-addled, or otherwise desperate as the only people who would ever opt to work in these fields—but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

As it turns out, there are a number of reasons why people elect to work in pornography or the adult industry in general. Here’s a small list of reasons why that counter the stereotypes presented above:

  • desire for independence
  • entrepreneurial spirit
  • possibility of fame or notoriety
  • the lifestyle it offers in general
  • enjoying sex, and having lots of it

Oh, and it turns out one can, in fact, make good money working in the industry as well, and, as should go without saying, one need not be destitute to have an interest in that.

In Accounting for it All, it was my goal to make sure I created characters who embodied as many of these different interests as possible.

Robin Whethers, our story’s hero, gets involved with pornography because she’s looking for a pathway to independence and a non-traditional route to self-actualization.

Then there’s Constance, Robin’s mentor. She gets her start in acting before becoming the founder of Pornucopia, the all-female porn studio at which Robin later goes on to work.

And we can’t forget about Jocelyn, who abandons her stuffy film school to pursue a career in adult acting, with the goal of it leading her toward what she sees as her destiny: becoming a director herself.

Those are only three of the women (and men) whose journeys we follow in Accounting for it All, and though they may be fictional, you can bet there are plenty of people out there just like them who choose pornography or sex work as a means to an end: and that end isn’t just lifting themselves out of poverty or escaping some other desperate circumstance.

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Note: this post originally debuted in April 2018. It’s been republished now to reflect the release of Accounting for It All.


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