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The Edits Are In!

This week I received my editor's notes on Accounting for it All, which has given me an opportunity to immerse myself in the story for the first time in months. Armed with my editor's perspective, I've been tearing into the pages on a tight deadline to make sure the book stays on schedule for its release… Continue reading The Edits Are In!

Dear Diary: It’s me, Robin.

The following is a fictional diary entry from the main character in Accounting for it All, Robin Whethers. Look, I'm not normally one for writing, but I'm more nervous now than I was before my first shoot and I need some kind of outlet to plug that energy into if I'm gonna come out of this… Continue reading Dear Diary: It’s me, Robin.

Who’s the hero, really?

This week I thought we could take a look directly at Accounting for it All and its porn-star-turned-accountant heroine, Robin Whethers. After all, it's not every day that one's protagonist earns praise like this from a fellow author unless they really mean it. So who is Robin Whethers, what makes her a hero, and how does the… Continue reading Who’s the hero, really?

What about politics and porn?

In 1964, supreme court justice Potter Stewart famously opined that he couldn't succeed in defining "hard-core pornography" before famously going on to add, "but I know it when I see it." The case in question was that of Jacobellis v. Ohio, in which the justices ultimately ruled against the state of Ohio's attempt to prohibit the screening… Continue reading What about politics and porn?

What separates the pros from the amateurs?

There are likely two unique conceptions that come to mind when one is asked to describe those who work in pornography: that of the professional who stars in full-length films, and that of the amateur who might produce content on their own or appear in smaller, lower budget features. Aside from the distinctions mentioned above,… Continue reading What separates the pros from the amateurs?