Accounting for it All: a novel

Title: Accounting for it All
Author: r. r. campbell
Category: Adult
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publisher: NineStar Press
Scheduled Release Date: November 19th, 2018

Book blurb:

Former porn-star Robin Whethers has skated by as Pornucopia’s do-nothing accountant for years. And who can blame her? Her supervisor has only encouraged her dilly-dallying, and it’s given her oodles of time to do what she loves most: coach the talent at her mentor’s feminist-pornography studio.

But then the IRS comes knocking. With her supervisor unable to bail her out, Robin can either come clean and risk her friendships and career, or buck up and find another way to skirt the system. No matter how she chooses, she’ll have to confront her blossoming feelings for the man she’s enlisted to teach her accounting and the return of the woman she’s always loved, who’s finally ready to try to make things work.

Both light-hearted and emotionally transformative, Accounting for it All is the tale of one woman’s quest for self-actualization that’s sure to please any reader who’s ever made the wrong choice for the right reasons.


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