Happy 20-bi-teen from Robin and Accounting for It All!

We made it, everyone! It's a new year, which means it's time for a new outlook, new resolutions, and new reads on our bookshelves. So why not kick off the year with the book reviewers are calling "laugh-out-loud funny," "realistic and honest," and full of "great writing?" Oh, and did I mention it's among the… Continue reading Happy 20-bi-teen from Robin and Accounting for It All!

Deals and More Deals

Fresh off the 40%+ discount on the print copy of Accounting for It All over on Amazon, Smashwords is now offering 50% off Accounting for It All ebooks! So how can you take advantage of this limited time, end-of-year deal? Head to this link now to snag a copy for your e-reader and start reading the book reviewers are saying is… Continue reading Deals and More Deals

Reviews Are In!

Accounting for It All has now been out for nearly a month, and your reviews are going a long way into introducing Robin's story to readers everywhere. To date, here's a sample of what people have said about Accounting for It All! Wow! The suspense in this book had me engrossed and I was unable to… Continue reading Reviews Are In!