The Evaporation of Anti-porn Politics: a Response to POLITICO

For most of the summer, many of the posts on this blog centered on challenging society's prevailing narratives about sex, sex work, and the adult industry. With the imminent release of Accounting for It All, however, our focus has since shifted to the novel's debut. You can imagine how my interest was piqued, then, when I… Continue reading The Evaporation of Anti-porn Politics: a Response to POLITICO

Where’s the downside?

There's been little emphasis on affirming any of society's prevailing narratives about pornography on this blog to date, but that doesn't mean that those narratives are  without credence. With that in mind, let's explore some common conceptions of the adult industry and those who work in it, with the goal of looking for the tough… Continue reading Where’s the downside?

What about the family?

To date, this blog has spent a great deal of time focusing on adult actors, sex workers, and consumers of that which the former groups produce or provide. Today, however, I'd like to touch a bit on those nearest to the people who work in the adult industry, namely their closest family and friends. What… Continue reading What about the family?