The Evaporation of Anti-porn Politics: a Response to POLITICO

For most of the summer, many of the posts on this blog centered on challenging society's prevailing narratives about sex, sex work, and the adult industry. With the imminent release of Accounting for It All, however, our focus has since shifted to the novel's debut. You can imagine how my interest was piqued, then, when I… Continue reading The Evaporation of Anti-porn Politics: a Response to POLITICO

What about the slippery slope?

Again this week we'll turn to Lorelei Lee's "A Feminist Porn Star Manifesta" in The Feminist Porn Book, this time to examine the notion of the slippery slope and its argument that "women in porn are 'forced' to do more 'extreme' performances" as time goes on in order to remain relevant and earn more money. As… Continue reading What about the slippery slope?

What about men?

You can un-nock your arrows, I promise. This isn't going to be some misguided #NotAllMen diatribe or a disappointing foray through the whiny realms of "Why has everyone stopped paying attention to us boys?" No, today we're exploring the role men play in the consumption of pornography, and how that consumption is framed in society's prevailing… Continue reading What about men?