Why the adult industry?

This Thursday, we're exploring a question many have about those who choose to work in pornography: why? Sadly, the all-too-common stereotype about those in sex work of any kind is that they're doing so because they have no other choice. Those on the outside will imagine the destitute, drug-addled, or otherwise desperate as the only… Continue reading Why the adult industry?

What separates the pros from the amateurs?

There are likely two unique conceptions that come to mind when one is asked to describe those who work in pornography: that of the professional who stars in full-length films, and that of the amateur who might produce content on their own or appear in smaller, lower budget features. Aside from the distinctions mentioned above,… Continue reading What separates the pros from the amateurs?

Where’s the downside?

There's been little emphasis on affirming any of society's prevailing narratives about pornography on this blog to date, but that doesn't mean that those narratives are  without credence. With that in mind, let's explore some common conceptions of the adult industry and those who work in it, with the goal of looking for the tough… Continue reading Where’s the downside?

What about men?

You can un-nock your arrows, I promise. This isn't going to be some misguided #NotAllMen diatribe or a disappointing foray through the whiny realms of "Why has everyone stopped paying attention to us boys?" No, today we're exploring the role men play in the consumption of pornography, and how that consumption is framed in society's prevailing… Continue reading What about men?

What is feminist pornography?

No, "feminist pornography" isn't an oxymoron---at least it doesn't have to be. But to answer the question of what exactly it is in a single blog post is perhaps a fool's errand; it's the centerpiece of an entire collection of essays, after all, which are bound together nicely in the righteously unapologetic The Feminist Porn Book.… Continue reading What is feminist pornography?